Ford Latest Technologies Play a Major Role in Reducing Traffic Accidents

Traffic accident is one serious issue that commonly occur everywhere around the world. In addition to restricting traffic laws and encouraging traffic laws education, the automotive industry has also contributed to reducing traffic accidents in some part. Over the years, the automotive industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries. To make driving lane a safe place for all drivers, global automotive companies have conducted a research to create new technologies that help reduce the number of accidents significantly. These technologies not only provide safety for drivers but also provide safety for all passengers in the vehicle. These latest technologies deliver a more advanced safety systems as it does not only reduces the risk of crashing, it can reduce and prevent actual road accidents that might happen.

In fact, for Cambodian Market we would like to introduce a brand new pickup truck, Ford Ranger 2019, equipped with the most advanced technologies and safety features to help increase safety on the road. The safety systems include the Blind Spot Information System, Forward Collusion Warning, Lane keeping system, Adaptive cruise control and Driver alert system.

Ford Ranger 2019 is even stronger and smarter than the previous models, it also features additional Ford’s latest safety technologies, which help raise the bar of Ford Ranger 2019 performance and capabilities. Those features include the Pre-Collision Assist with Autonomous Emergency Braking. The system is designed to detect pedestrians as well as vehicles to bring the Ranger to a complete stop to help mitigate rear-end collisions and road-traffic collisions with pedestrians.

With Ford’s latest technologies, you can drive conveniently and confidently at all times.  In addition, to reduce traffic accidents, all drivers should learn and obey the traffic laws at all times when you are on the road.

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