SYNC™ lets you use your voice to make calls, listen to music and much more. SYNC™ technology also helps you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel An intelligently organised screen featuring four quadrants helps keep.

SYNC with MyFord Touch

With SYNC™ with MyFord Touch™, you can enjoy many great hands-free, voice-activated SYNC features, plus enhanced capabilities. An intelligently organised screen featuring four quadrants helps keep you connected on the go.


SYNC™ 3 lets you enjoy all of the great SYNC features, plus our next generation of voice-activated technology. New easy-to-use design. New interface. New features. Discover how SYNC 3 delivers next-level connectivity to your busy life.

Hands-free Phone Calls

With a simple push of a button and a voice command, you can make a call through your vehicle’s speakers. Once the phone is paired, you can automatically download the names and numbers programmed in your compatible phone.

Hands-free Music and Entertainment

Listen to music, audiobooks or podcasts from just about any media device, any way you like – hands-free. Search, select, play specific titles, change your mind. Plug in your USB or MP3 player or stream via Bluetooth®1 Audio.