More steel means more protection. But our conundrum was how do we give you extra protection  without adding extra weight that could cost you fuel savings? We looked to the aerospace industry for the answer and found it in boron steel

Extra safety, extra savings

· Boron steel is an ultra-high-strength steel we use, along

with low-alloy and dual-phase steels, to protect you while

still passing on fuel savings.


· Their high yield and tensile strengths allow us to form

complex shapes that can be welded into key areas, such as

pillars and bumpers, to provide a ‘safety cell’ that does not

add weight and use more fuel.

Super light, super strong

· Because it can be melded into thinner components than

normal steel, it’s lighter while still remaining super strong

and stiff.


· Boron steel is used in the door intrusion beams of all Ford

vehicles to help protect passengers in the event of a side

impact. It’s also used in key areas on specific models,

depending on their size and usage.

Did you know?

Boron steel is used in widely diverse ways, from enamels

and golf clubs, to pyrotechnics and nuclear reactors.